If you ask me how to keep the summer body all year round I will tell you: SWEAT. Try to sweat every single day and you will feel the difference no matter what, no matter where. You don’t have to live in tropics and I can tell you, you can sweat even in the middle of winter! How about sauna? No matter where I am, I am always looking for saunas. Almost every gym or swimming pool has it. Try to stay 15 minutes, rest and another 15 minutes. If it’s still not enough how about steam bath? It will keep your skin healthy and glowing more then any body balm. Sometimes also when I’m tired of astanga yoga I do hot yoga (bikram). Trust me, you will sweat more then ever and feel better then ever. Try to make your workout place as hot as possible. My fave place to sweat is a local gym in Bali. How amazing is to sweat in tropics in plank position. Sometimes I do plank pose in sauna but shhhhh… it was my secret!


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