There is one crucial thing when it comes to skin routine – the climate you live in! When it comes to tropics your skin is naturally enchanted. Just apply any VIRGIN COCONUT OIL while tanning and remember not to shower too often. I know it might sound weird but the more you naturally sweat the better your skin is. But how to maintain a perfect glow while not tanning and living in colder climate? How to get a perfect skin all year round? When I stay in colder places I always use STEAM ROOMS and SAUNAS as much as I can. Before going there I always put ALMOND OIL or AVOCADO OIL all over my body. After 20 minutes session I immediately take COLD SHOWER. Than I put a regular MOISTURIZER while the skin is still wet after shower. Before going to bed I use MOISTURIZER again. I try to apply VIRGIN COCONUT OIL before going to bed all over my face, body and hair at least once a week when I stay in colder climate to maintain tropical skin. Here are some of my all time favorite products:


Natural tanning and body oil by Bali Body

Luxe Moisturising Lotion

Mama Bee nourishing body oil by Burt’s Bees

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