Diet tips

First of all, don’t be afraid of the food, this is the worst thing you could ever make. It might affect all areas of your life. You will regret it sooner or later. There are no bad foods, MODERATION is the key. For me it’s better to control the calories than eliminate specifics foods from my diet. It’s almost impossible when you are working hard, travelling or just having a balanced lifestyle. Please don’t focus on food you eat, focus on actions you take in your life. Try to make food as small part of your life as possible. Here are 10 tips from me to you if you want to loose some weight, or maintain a summer body:

  1. Don’t trouble about the food. Put it in a small corner of your life and focus on other things.
  1. Don’t eat out of desire, but to maintain the body and vitality.
  1. Take the food in the right quantity without greed or repulsion. Never eat less than 1400 kcals and more than 1800 kcals a day.
  1. If you want to loose some extra weight forget about the breakfast. Just drink a strong coffee and wait for your lunch. I love coffee with coconut milk. It keeps me awake and makes me full for longer.
  1. Try to have energetic foods for lunch (I like to have: fruits, small energetic bites, favorite bakes, nuts, grains, rice, dried fruits, avocados or whatever makes me feel good). Avoid processed foods. Don’t make yourself too full during the day. It might lower your efficiency.
  1. Try to eliminate heavy carbs for a dinner (rice, pasta, bread) and have more proteins instead (I like to have: tofu, eggs, fish, seafood plus vegetables). No dessert please.
  1. If you ate too much one day, try to eat less for another day. Don’t postpone it!
  1. Don’t surround yourself with the food. I always have an empty fridge and no pantry. The worst you can do is to eat your Cornflakes and ice cream all day long with no control.
  1. Eat whatever you like in a small amount. Just try to never feel full! If you felt it make some quick detox (green juice instead of lunch) for another day.
  1. Don’t drink any alcohol. Never! I forgot, this is the most important thing. It will ruin all your habits, vitality and workout routine.

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